Zone 2
S. Alan Schweitzer
Zone 2: The Book

Zone 2

Zone 2
by S. Alan Schweitzer

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The year is 2059, and computer expert Brad Cole has no idea who he is.

After being beaten and left for dead, Brad comes to with no memory of his past, his present—or his identity. As he struggles to rebuild his lost memories and life, he learns about the sinister secrets his company doesn't want him to understand. When he learns that his company has duped the staff into working on building pathways to a parallel world it has discovered, he is compelled to make a series of expeditions to this even more dangerous parallel world—known only as Zone 2—in which the Nazis emerged victorious at the end of World War II.

There, he finds brutality, pain, and danger. There is little comfort for him in the seemingly familiar trappings of this puzzling world under Nazi control. It offers as many surprises as it does similarities to the life he struggles to remember. With the help of a beautiful and mysterious woman, Brad explores this strange new realm, desperately hoping to find the answers he needs.