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 The novel "Questor" takes place during the final decade of the 20th century. A research institute is one of the most powerful companies worldwide as it dominates and controls the lives of humanity by virtue of its monumental achievement. The Company Cybele has created and has populated the planet with cloned replicates of living humans, the reasons for which are varied. The main character, Howard Questor, is a clone who has a singular goal or mission; namely,his passion to undergo a mission, which is to search,to investigate and determine the cause and reason for his being, namely, a cloned replicate who has been for unknown reasons, abandoned and discarded by the forces within the Company which created him. Questor's purpose is to discover who and why he exists. He learns, along with several other characters who are involved in his quest,that the Company's achievements have become a contribution to human knowledge; however, cloning has also instilled within the Company as well as within its many admirers and recipients of Cybele's accomplishments, the growing desire, motive and establishment of a multinational,dominant and threatening global domination ad dictatorship. In his personal quest, Howard develops kinship with many who trust him and his mission. Questor also discovers love and understanding from his relationship with a beautiful woman. Throughout the novel there is a pervasive theme which suggests the possibility that the Company's cloning achievements were ultimately dependent and made possible based on clues and plans that were left on this planet by extra terrestrial aliens who once visited the earth and who have since been long gone. The visitations of alien life were never proven until evidence was revealed by mankind's abilities to recreate himself.

The Bracelet

 Fate, in the form of a mysterious bracelet, brings Ray Willis face to face with a past life. Its origins are unknown to Ray, but the bracelet renders the power to bridge time and space bringing him to an amazing partnership with his former life as Jason Schindler. Ray and his alter ego are not the only ones to know of the mysterious properties the bracelet. The Brotherhood seeks out its power also, and the knowledge of all who have come to it - transferred inter-dimensionally through parallel worlds. Who, or what, is the source of this amazing power? What controls Ray's destiny in a cosmic quest for control and power?


In Search of Neva

"In Search of Neva" is a science fiction/fantasy thriller which deals with the dark and sinister effects of two scientific experiments, cloning and parallel world transfer. The novel takes place sometime in the near future. Two central characters, Eric Styles and Rick Styles inhabit dual, or parallel worlds, yet they never interact personally. Both men share a common passion, their intense love for Neva Bryant, a beautiful and enigmatic woman who works for a mysterious company involved in clandestine scientific experiments. Both men eventually work within the company but are ultimately betrayed. Eric believes Neva is somehow involved. He learns that Neva was cloned; he kidnaps the cloned baby and he manages to escape to a another parallel world. In this new world he believes he is finally free to raise and to love the child whom he now calls Llewellyn. There are many twists and turns as Llewellyn grows up in this parallel world which has both similarities to as well as differences with Eric's previous world. The novel is not so much an issue oriented work involving cloning as it is the quest for love and redemption in a menacing society dominated by intrigue, sexual perversion and abuse of power generated and perpetuated through scientific breakthroughs.


The Carradine Legacy


What initially seems to be "normal" research into the link between the capacity of the mind and quantum energy leads to the ambitious IES project. In this fast-paced scientific thriller the author explores the capacity of the mind and attempts to unify the varied facets in physics and human psychology.